Vilas County Public Health - Dental Services

The Northwoods Dental Project

The Northwoods Dental Project provides community members in Florence, Forest, Oneida and Vilas Counties access to oral health care.

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Vilas County Public Health Department works with dental and other health care professionals to help prevent tooth decay and cavities by providing:

  • Oral health education for children and community members.
  • Oral health exams and risk assessments of children's teeth at Early Head Start, Head Start, daycares and school districts.
  • Dental sealants and fluoride varnish for children.
  • Help for families searching for a dental office.
  • Dental resources for schools, day care centers and Head Start centers.
  • Case management and referrals for immediate and emergent needs.


Seal-A-Smile is a free school-based dental sealant program offered to parents of 2nd and 6th grade students at schools in Florence, Forest, Oneida and Vilas Counties. A portable dental clinic is set up at the school. Children who participate can receive:

  • Oral health exam,
  • Dental sealants (if necessary),
  • Fluoride varnish application,
  • Dental supplies, and
  • Oral health education.

Services are provided by licensed Northwoods Dental Project dental hygienists and community dental volunteers. The Northwoods Dental Project uses sealant material that does not contains Bisphenol A (BPA). Complete consent form on the following site:

Once there, click on the link that states: "Sign my child up now"

For more information, please see the Children's Health Alliance Seal-a-Smile Page.


About Dental Sealants

Sealants are a plastic-like coating that is painted on chewing surfaces of molars where most tooth decay occurs. The sealant is hardened on the tooth, protecting the tooth from the bacteria in your child's mouth plus the acids and foods your child eats on a daily basis.

Sealant Sequence

Dental sealants along with daily oral health care such as tooth brushing, flossing, fluoride mouthwash, drinking fluoridated community water and regular dental visits, can virtually eliminate tooth decay for your child.

Healthy Smiles (Fluoride Varnish)

A free school-based Fluoride Varnish program offered to children ages six months through five years of age who are enrolled in or are eligible for Early Head Start, Head Start and Pre-K classes. Children receive an oral health exam, fluoride varnish applications, dental supplies and parent letter containing results and recommendations from the exam.

Flouride varnish

Fluoride Rinse

Available to students in first through fifth grades at school districts that are on non-fluoridated water systems. Check with your local public health department or school district to see if this service is offered at your child's school.

Fluoride Supplements

Children six months to 16 years old with non-fluoridated water systems may be eligible to receive fluoride supplements through your local Public Health Department.

Please call your local health department for more information on these services.

Community Activities

6th Grade Summit - September 2013

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More Information

Two children looking through dental supply bags

You can download and print our Northwoods Dental Project Brochure (.pdf). For more information about the Northwoods Dental Project, please call 715-479-3758 or e-mail us.

In each county call:

  • Florence County Public Health Department: 715-528-4837
  • Forest County Public Health Department: 715-478-3371
  • Oneida County Public Health Department: 715-369-6111
  • Vilas County Public Health Department: 715-479-3656

Other Area Dental Services

Dental offices accepting patients with BadgerCare, Forward Health or Medicaid can be viewed by visiting the Forward Health Provider Directory. You can also download this Dental Referral Resource List (.pdf).

Food Pantry

Free Oral Health screenings are done annually at area food pantries. Participants also receive dental supplies, educational materials, and referral information if needed.


Oral Health exams are offered through the county's Prenatal Care Coordination (PNCC) and Women, Infants, and Children (WIC).

Here is a tip sheet for taking care of your teeth while pregnant.

Funding for Northwoods Dental Project is provided in part by:

American Dental Association


Children's Health Alliance of Wisconsin

Ministry St. Mary's Hospital


Wisconsin Department of Health


More Oral Health Topics


Professional Sites - State

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Professional Sites - National



The 2015 Wisconsin Perinatal and Infant Oral Health Summit Summary Report and Statewide Plan (statewide plan). This document summarizes results from the first Perinatal and Infant Oral Health Summit held in Wisconsin in September 2015 and includes the
statewide plan for perinatal and infant oral health.

Oral Health America has released a new State of Decay report. Check it out.

Community Water Fluoridation Resources

To find out the facts about Community Water Fluoridation and how Fluoride can protect your teeth check out these websites:


Filling a glass of water from a faucet

Wisconsin Fluoridation Contact Wisconsin Oral Health Coalition

Alyssa Ricketts, Children's Health Alliance - Oral Health Coalition 414-292-4004, Email: